7 Jan 2015

Magbodo Business Summary

The Problem
Poor Academic Performance!
Nigeria is battling with mass failure and poor academic performance especially from secondary school students who participate in WAEC and UTME. Quoting Prof. Dibu Ojerinde, Registrar of JAMB, “1,015,504 candidates registered for Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) 2014 with only 47 candidates scored 250 points and above while 108,488 candidates scored between 200 to 249 points out of total score of 400 points”( www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joint_Admissions_and_Matriculation_board, 2014). 

This poor performance is unacceptable which in the long run affects National productivity. The current education system approach has proven faulty in resolving this issue over the years.

It also no gain saying that young Nigerians attention has drifted towards other things apart from academics. Being studious in academic is no longer fashionable, student just find various wrong means to pass without interest in understanding the course of study. These trends have been enforced over the years with the advent of electronic media and internet which gives unlimited access to pure entertainments, sports and lots more. 

The traditional means of learning in a rigid classroom is now boring and no longer effective to student that has already been over-exposed to fun and entertainment. This is a new challenge definitely needs a new approach to make learning more effective.

The Solution-Magbodo
Magbodo is an integrated solution to learning that infuses a sense of gaming which offers fun, collaboration, competition and promotes creativity that is geared towards improving students’ academic performance.

Business Description
Magbodo (in Yoruba dialect translates as “don’t get zero”) is a free interactive online Computer Based Test (CBT) platform that provides a competitive, unobtrusive test environment for students preparing for tertiary education in Nigeria in a “Reward-Gaming-System.”

Why Magbodo?
Since the inception of Information Age, young learners’ attentions have been drawn to the possibilities it provides. Many attempts have been made by educators and service providers to improve students’ academic performance with e-learning platforms; however, they have failed to achieve desired results. Magbodo brings the true classroom experience to e-learning in a gaming environment which provides competition, collaboration and communication for improved academic performance.

Business Objectives
Magbodo’s primary objective is to improve Nigeria students’ academic performance by 10% yearly in fun filled environment and provide Business Intelligent (BI) analytic both for educators and corporate advertisers.

The secondary objectives are as follows
  1.  Improve cognitive and retentive abilities of student as they actively engaged in academic competitions on our platform.

  2. We refine traditional classroom experience tailoring with ICT to get student interested and participating in the learning process in an environment that foster collaboration, competition, creativity and fun .
  3. To promote and reward academic diligence among Nigeria students in a pure gaming into learning.
  4. Aggregate 70% of young Nigerians between ages 13 to 24 years on our platform which can be reached for youth empowerment by Cooperate bodies and Marketers.

The high level achievements (HLAs) in the (long-term) objective encompass the following:
  1. Create a social-academic ecosystem of about 10,000,000 (10 million) student by 2020 where student can learn, share, compete, collaborate and communicate to provide creative solution to academic and social challenges.
  2.  Stage continental social-academic games involving nations in Africa by year 2016, the following year 2017 will involve all the continents of the world.
  1. We establish a Public Private Partnership that is youth-driven across the continent in order to harness the natural resources; discover and nurture best brain to create indigenous solution for Africa developmental challenges under Magbodo Academy institute.

MAGBODO’s Vision
Initiating pioneering spirit/mindset within young people as a catalyst for change and equipping with necessary tools for self and continental productivity.

MAGBODO’s Mission
Create the largest social-academic ecosystem, which redefines our approach towards learning and intellectual development for both students and educators through a continental Reward-Game-System that fosters competition, collaboration, communication and stimulate creativity.

How Mission is accomplished
MAGBODO Methodology-Basic Strategy
  1. Create free opportunities for young leaners in an intellectually stimulating gaming environment where learners test and prepare for various social-academic challenges or exams.
  2. Bring the basic attributes of traditional classroom in to e-learning which are competition, collaboration, communication in a fun filled environment that stimulates creativity, where student participate in the process of learning.
  3. Inspire young people to be knowledge hunters for the purpose of manipulating facts, making deductions and creative inferences that can give birth to market-driven innovations to solve the global challenges.
  4. Solicit and secure public and private organizations commitment to provide sponsorships and “grants” to support the Magbodo Institute programs.
  5. Monitor-evaluate the student effectiveness through Business Intelligent and analytic and provide such data to educators and governments to enhance better planning for the populace education needs.


Learning for productivity…

For Sponsorship and support info@magbodo.com

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